Meet Vikki

Certified Health Coach

Over the years, I have struggled with weight problems (pregnancies, hormone imbalances, sedentary lifestyle).  I had no idea what to eat to nourish my body and exercise was not my friend. During my late twenties, I gave birth to my son.  I was able to lose the baby weight and come back down to my normal size.  But my second pregnancy was totally different.  I had my daughter at the age of 32.  After giving birth, I discovered that I was pre-diabetic, had hormonal imbalances from fibroids, and had thyroid issues.  My true breaking point was when my weight hit 200 lbs.  My self-esteem was low due to being overweight and I did not love myself on the inside or out.


One day I decided it was time to take action and get my health back on track.  I started eating healthier and exercising more, but nothing was happening.  This went on for a few months. After some serious conversations with my doctor, I had surgery to remove my fibroids and my thyroid nodule.  After healing, I became obsessed with finding my healthiest self.  Not only have I lost over 25 lbs., I have also relearned how to love myself and nourish the body that God gave me. 


Once I started to really take care of myself (nourishing my body with healthy food, balancing my hormones, and adding in the best movement for my body), everything in my life improved.  I decided it that I wanted to help others do the same.  I completed my certification through AFPA Fitness for Holistic Health Coaching. My next step is to become a Pilates Instruction and open my own Pilates studio. Not only am I doing this to step out of my comfort zone, but to also challenge and support my clients on their health and wellness journeys. 


My holistic healing approach for health and wellness counseling is the same way I approached my own health.  I work with women to help them discover the root reason why they are not feeling healthy in their bodies and create a plan that is simple to implement into their busy lives.  I believe it is the small changes we make every day that really create a big difference.

I take the struggle out of being health and help you ease your way into your new lifestyle.  You do not have to feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating new habits.  I am here to support you on your journey to your healthiest life where everything and anything is possible.

Are you ready to take this journey with me? 

Hugs & Good Health,